Tennessee Criminal Law

Tennessee Criminal LawA criminal conviction may have far-reaching consequences for life, affecting your future employment options, your ability to receive federal student loans and even your right to vote. Along with these collateral consequences, there are social stigmas that make it difficult to lead a normal life. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer becomes of utmost importance when you realize that you are not only fighting to avoid the direct consequences of your actions, but the lasting consequences of a maligned name. Since Tennessee criminal law comes down hard on those convicted, it is imperative to seek sound legal advice from a Tennessee criminal lawyer to understand the consequences of the charges you face and ensure that your rights are protected.

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If you have been accused of a crime, it is important to always have a Tennessee criminal lawyer present when you are speaking with law enforcement. The Constitution guarantees you the right to not incriminate yourself and to have an attorney. This means that you do not have to answer any questions or provide any information to law enforcement agencies that will implicate you in the involvement of a crime. To ensure that you do not inadvertently incriminate yourself, it is important to have a lawyer present at all interrogations or whenever you are speaking to a law enforcement agency.

Also, you should not agree to any search of your property by law enforcement. You have the right to decline any search by law enforcement if they do not have a warrant to search your property. While you may believe that complying with law enforcement officials will benefit your case, any evidence they find of your involvement with a crime may be used against you.

Finally, do not discuss your case with anyone—not even family or friends. While you have a legal right to not incriminate yourself, your loved ones must tell the truth if they are called to testify under oath about their knowledge of your involvement in a crime.

Being accused of a crime is a serious matter that demands serious legal representation. At the law offices of Haymaker and Heroux, P.C., we are experienced Tennessee criminal lawyers that are dedicated to you and seeing that you receive the best possible legal outcome for your situation. Contact us today at 615-651-7476 to start developing an aggressive plan of action for your legal defense under Tennessee criminal law.

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